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We carry a wide range of Air, Water & Light products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call us at 866-941-6922 for more information on these products and more
GreenStar Offers Incredible Energy Saving Heating & Air Conditioning SystemsBelow you'll see a few of our products & systems that are not only Energy Efficient, but very economical & from the best manufacturers in America!
Let's Begin with Air!
The Best Heat Pump Systems in America!
Here's a sample picture of our Goodman systems... Just a few of the types of HVAC Systems we can offer you...
As an example; We offer 2.0 Ton HVAC Split System with Condenser, Air Handler & Heat Kit:  Only... $1,495 Complete!
Or would you prefer a 3.0 Ton System?  That's not a problem either! A New 3.0 Ton HVAC System? How about a Central Heat & Air for $1,695 Complete (Heat Pumps are higher)
Great Package System Units & Awesome Mini-Splits too!
Please come back & see more but please call us at 855-899-STAR
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